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About Dog Food Store

Dog Food Store provides a variety of healthy, all-natural foods. We strive for dogs to have a healthy, nutritional diet that is completely natural. We also provide gluten-free and grain-free food for dogs that may have allergies to certain ingredients. Dog Food Store also has a variety of supplements that are beneficial with every dog's meal.

We also advocate natural treats with essential nutrients. These treats are terrific for training and dogs love them. Along side with these treats, we offer balls and cubes that will keep your dog occupied for hours. They'll attempt to get the treats out of the cube and will take as much time as they can doing so.

Dog Food Store is a part of Leerburg, a website with over 16,000 pages of dog training information. They have over 460 videos at Leerburg on Demand and over 2600 answered questions at Leerburg Q&A. The mass amount of information Leerburg has comes from Ed Frawley, an experienced dog professional.

About Ed Frawley

Since the 1950's, Ed Frawley has owned dogs. He grew up with dogs in the family and began training with them seriously during high school. Since then, he has had many accomplishments and has learned the art of dog training within the United States and overseas.

Ed Frawley started Leerburg in the mid-70's, specializing in producing dog training videos. It was also a German Shepherd breeding kennel at the time as well. It was one of the top breeding facilities in America.

Along the way, Ed Frawley has trained dogs to work in law enforcement, search and rescue, personal protection, and even in the dog sport of Schutzhund. Breeders from all over America have purchased a Leerburg dog to strengthen the working ability of their own breeding facility.

Leerburg no longer breeds dogs but still strives to create high-quality, professional videos for dog training. Leerburg has over 120 videos and DVDs produced by Ed Frawley himself. Having worked in many years of law enforcement in training dogs, Ed Frawley has a variety of DVDs and videos. These videos range from K-9 training to building search and rescue as well as tracking and narcotics dog training.

Ed Frawley strives to bring the highest and best quality products to Leerburg. All products at Leerburg are of high quality. Instead of focusing on the price, Ed Frawley focuses on the quality of the product. After all, you get what you paid for.